Manchester by the Sea 2016

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Lee Chandler works as a handyman for a Boston apartment block and he is not friendly with customers. One morning he gets a call from the hospital that his older brother Joe died due to a heart disease. Lee returns to Manchester by the sea where he was born and raised in order to take care of his nephew Patrick.


The role of Cassey Affleck was meant for Matt Damon and due to some date clash Matt Damon drop the project. It doesn't matter now because Cassey Affleck delivers his career best performance in this movie and In an emotional roller coaster ride, Cassey also provides some comic moments. The flashback scenes actually take us into a whole new level. Kenneth Lonergan's way of film making was quite impressive, Most of the time characters' body language tells the story and different types of soundtrack also help to express feelings that characters can't express themselves. Overall, it is highly recommended to those who like serious movies and One of the best drama movie that I have ever seen.

Verdict : Great


Kenneth Lonergan


Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Gretchen Mol & Lucas Hedges







Run Time:

137 min