K.G.F: Chapter 1 2018

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The story is about a young boy named Rocky, who wants to fulfill his mother's last words which are getting rich by any means necessary. To achieve that goal, he needs to become more powerful and show the world who he is. Chapter 1 story kicks off like that and Rocky is everywhere.


The first thing you notice about filmmaker Prashanth Neel's is how he uses Yash's stardom in K.G.F movie. He knows what viewers will expect from this kind of action movie and he delivers it successfully. Apart from a few characters, the remaining cast was used to establish Rocky's strength and praising his greatness. By using a non-linear narrative style Neel has provided a different gesture to the story. The theme music is excellent and wishes to hear it more in the plot. Some actions scenes were purely inspired by mad max movie and it all works fine in the movie. The visuals were stunning and Yash's mass scenes timing were perfectly balanced from the beginning. Overall, it's good to see a mass entertainer and loved it.

Verdict : Good


Prashanth Neel


Yash, Ramachandra Raju, Anant Nag & Vasishta N. Simha







Run Time:

155 min