Animal World 2018

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Zheng Kaisi is worried about his comatose mother and is struggling to pay even small medical bills. His childhood friend Li Jun offers him a way to make easy money which ends up in a huge debt to  Anderson and statistically saying Zheng need 30 years to pay off the debts.


Animal World is filled with eye-popping action sequences and it's an adaptation of a manga story that deals with a high stakes game. Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish reality and dream, that's the time where clown figure shines the most. The presence of super clown is the only reason why I saw this movie in the first place. The card game was a surprise factor for me and the director explained every single detail of the game precisely which helps the viewer to understand it completely. Overall, This manga movie looks damn cool than I expected and don't miss the end credits.

Verdict : Good


Han Yan


Li Yifeng, Michael Douglas & Zhou Dongyu


Action, Adventure





Run Time:

132 min