Tumbbad 2018

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The story took place in Tumbbad, a village in Maharashtra where a mother with her two sons lives. Due to some reasons they leave the village and relocate to Pune. There are stories about some hidden treasure inside the village and after fifteen years the older boy came back for the treasure.


Soja, Warna Hastar Aa Jaaega!!!

Based on the stories of Marathi horror writer Narayan Dharap, Tumbbad looks gorgeous in every aspect of the movie. The atmosphere of the movie is ominous and rich cinematography recreates the old period beautifully in the screen. The background score puts you in a horror mood from the beginning with a single jump scare scene on the plate. The film opens with a quote of Mahatma Gandhi "The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed". Sohum Shah fills into the character of Vinayak with complete conviction. Overall, it's a fairy tale story about greed with some grotesque moments in the plot and it will give you a feeling of watching a foreign language movie.

Verdict : Good


Rahi Anil Barve


Sohum Shah, Harish Khanna, Ronjini Chakraborty & Anita Date


Fantasy, Horror





Run Time:

104 min