Odiyan 2018

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Odiyan is a story based on a folklore from the interiors of Kerala, who scares people at nights with their magical tricks. After 15 years of travel, Odiyan Manikyan returns to his village and is forced to take up a challenge.


Odiyan revolves around three characters and director opts non-linear narrative style. The backstories were told from villagers experience. Is this film worth all that hype? Not at all, this is just a simple movie about an ancient tribe. A story like this doesn't offer you any mass dialogues or scenes and till now I don't know why the director put this movie to that category. Most of Odiyan's scenes were shot in the dark and the story demands that from the first scene. Unfortunately, it badly affects the climax scenes and another drawback of the movie is it runs for a very long time. Sometimes it is intolerable to watch a scene that doesn't make any sense to the story. Overall, It's a one-time watchable movie to see Mohanlal as the shape-shifting Odiyan.

Verdict : Mediocre


V. A. Shrikumar Menon


Mohanlal, Prakash Raj & Manju Warrier







Run Time:

167 min