96 2018

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Ram, a travel photographer got a chance to visit his hometown Tanjavur and old school where he studied. The visit triggers him to meet his old schoolmates and a reunion of class '96 idea pops up. At the event, he meets Janaki after a gap of 22 years.


The first half of 96 means nostalgia and the second half is a reality, which means present life if you had a genuine love story. This film really touches my heart or emotions of lost love. I too had a love story which we never confronted and that story also took place when I was studying in the 9th std. Anyway back to the movie, the natural way of expressing the feelings of Ram and Janu makes the story feels like reading an old love letter and the violin theme from Govind Vasantha is a gift to hear. The first few shots prove the cinematography by Mahendran Jeyaraju and N. Shanmugha Sundaram will be a visual treat. Both Adhitya and Gauri performed exceptionally well as the younger version of Ram and Janu. Overall, Prem Kumar invites you to a roller coaster ride of emotions and old memories, loved it and recommend this movie to my special friend and her husband.

Verdict : Great


C. Prem Kumar


Vijay Sethupathi, Trisha Krishnan, Adithya Bhaskar & Gouri G Kishan







Run Time:

157 min