The Mist - Black and White Version 2007

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Following a terrible storm, David and his son head towards a local grocery store for supplies with the neighbor. Slowly mist starts to appear outside the store and a man screams "There's something in the mist".


The mist is a very popular movie and I guess, it's been eight years or more since I saw the colored version of this film. It is based on the king's novella The Mist and the ending is entirely different from the novel, Stephen King himself called it an anti-Hollywood thing. The director's preferred edition is Black & white and it is way cooler than the original colored one. It gives you the feeling of a new world and details of each shot is more evident to the eyes. Overall, Like Mad Max & Logan special editions, this is my preferred version too over the so-called theatrical color edition.

Verdict : Good


Frank Darabont


Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher & Toby Jones


Horror, Sci-Fi





Run Time:

126 min