Mission: Impossible - Fallout 2018

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After the capture of Solomon Lane, his followers are looking for three plutonium cores. Ethan Hunt's new mission is to find it before they do.


This is the second time Christopher McQuarrie directing Mission: Impossible movie and this time he shows some intense action sequences. The death-defying stunts save the movie from the fallout. Tom Cruise still holds the attitude of Ethan Hunt and 56-year-old Cruise jumps off from building to building like a teenager. Like any other Cruise action movie, this film also contains running, bike chase and a helicopter chase which is insane to see by the way. In an interview Cruise said that he tried twice to shoot M:I action sequences in India, Somehow it didn't happen. In the story last chopper chase happens in Kashmir landscapes, actually, it was shot in New Zealand and Norway. The action sequences are well connected to the viewer, maybe because we know the fact of Cruise did it for real. Till now the best movie of this franchise will be Brad Bird's Ghost Protocol without any doubt. Seen that movie for a dozen times and still, it gives me the feeling of watching it for the first time. Now comes the music, M:I 2 scores in that department with refreshing and instrumental touch by Hans Zimmer. Overall, This may not be the best Mission: Impossible movie, still this is far better than the previous one.

Verdict : Good


Christopher McQuarrie


Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg & Rebecca Ferguson







Run Time:

147 min