The Dark Knight 2008

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District attorney Harvey Dent is on a mission to stop the organized crimes in Gotham and Batman thinks Harvey is the right guy for Gotham city. Batman is eager to help him clean up the city so that he can continue the adventures life of Bruce Wayne the billionaire. Now comes the villain known as The Joker.


There is no doubt to say dark knight is Ledger's movie. His towering performance gives us a ruthless villain who cares for nothing and simply called as a transcendent performance. The psychological factor pushes every limit of the plot and works perfectly fine on every level. The main advantage of the movie is that it succeeds in transplanting the comics characters into the real world. Ledger owns the role and the effort he did to play the role is extraordinary. Ledger wants to make a fresh Joker that no one ever seen before and for that he spent around six weeks in an isolated room to fully immerse into the character. He practiced different voices and laughs for molding the psychopathic clown who cares nothing at all. Mean process he met Jack Nicholson, who played classic batman villain role for tips. The friendship between Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger gave Ledger a creative space to fully push the limits and improves himself. He chooses method acting for the role and some improvisation he made while doing the method acting - He claps in the cell while hearing detectives promotion and the hospital scene where he detonates a bomb. In an interview Christian Bale confronts his experience of acting with ledger. He added Ledger did not do joker stuffs while rehearsals and in fact it helps the movie you can see real scary faces of the supporting characters. Ledger also puts hands on the directing department, the warning videos were his creative ideas. Ledger went on winning the posthumous Oscar for the Joker character and the only actor to win Oscar for a superhero character. This is a tribute to Heath Ledger, one of the best villain portrayal I have ever seen.

Verdict : Brilliant


Christopher Nolan


Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal & Morgan Freeman


Action, Crime





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152 min