What a Wonderful World 2014

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After spending two years in Boston, a 22 year old Petru comes back to his home town. The story took place in April 2009 during the time of Moldovan parliamentary election protests and Petru does not know the current situation of Moldova. While coming from a friend’s home with a computer monitor Petru encounters a deadly dangerous situation.


"A man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time". With a very low budget, you can't wish more from this movie. Still, It captures my attention from the moment it chooses the highway. After finishing the movie, you can call this film a clash between the two countries or two mentalities battle - it's up to you guys. Everything makes sense after the end credits why they choose this title and it is perfectly appropriate for this situation. There are many hidden things in the movie and director creates a dark world to show the reality. It frightens when you realize this incident actually happened in Moldovan history. Overall, It is a strong movie that holds the suspense of what's going to happen next and worth a try if you like to watch a Moldovan film.

Verdict : Good


Anatol Durbala


Igor Caras-Romanov, Igor Babiac, Sergiu Bitca, Tudor Tarna & Artiom Perciun







Run Time:

72 min