Memories 2013

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Sam Alex was an efficient police officer until he loses his dear ones. Now, he is addicted to alcohol while taking a long leave from the force. One day his mentor asks him to investigate the challenging case of a serial killer and later on accepting the request after his mother force him to.


A murder mystery that offers you not a single loophole to find out who the culprit is. The opening credits show the class of the movie with a bang on music to demonstrate who is Sam Alex. After that, it took time to settle down Sam's present situation of alcoholic life. There are some scenes which were inspired from the movies like The crimson rivers and Kiss the girls. Still, what makes it more beautiful is that there is nothing to criticize about it and those scenes made more impact on me than the original ones did. Writer-director Jeethu Joseph crafted a top notch investigative thriller with an outstanding performance from Prithvi that keeps you glued to the seat. Overall, Am a huge fan of investigation movies and To me, this is one of the finest movie in that category.

Verdict : Brilliant


Jeethu Joseph


Prithviraj, Vijayaraghavan, Mia George, Meghana Raj & Rahul Madhav


Crime, Thriller





Run Time:

143 min