Mumbai Police 2013

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While driving, Antony Moses makes a call to Farhan saying that he has solved the murder mystery of his best friend, Aryan. Unfortunately, Before telling the details he meets with an accident and loses his memory. Farhan motivates Antony to solve this case once again.


A gripping experience that makes you sit on the edge of your seat. Accomplished actor Prithvi succeeds in showing the entire different personalities of Antony Moses A and Antony Moses B. The visuals from Diwakaran were stunning. The Background score by Gopi Sundar easily grabs your attention and molding the suspense atmosphere even more interesting. Rosshan Andrews focuses on his character's expression most of the time and he handles the revealing part superbly which is a key factor of the movie. Overall, the climax was a shocking blow to many audiences and one of the best investigation movie from Malayalam film industry.

Verdict : Brilliant


Rosshan Andrews


Prithviraj, Jayasurya, and Rahman, Kunjan, Aparna Nair, Deepa Vijayan, and Hima Davis


Mystery, Thriller





Run Time:

145 min