I Am Legend - Alternate Ending 2007

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A doctor discovers a cure for cancer and it's a virus. After 3 years, the outcome of that virus makes Richard, the only one human left on the Earth and others turn into Dark Seekers. He spends his time in searching for a cure to convert Dark Seekers back to the human shape.


Will Smith, one of the finest actors who can easily pull off emotional scenes mixes the role with a half insane personality. The action sequences and forced perspective shots make the story gets going without any dull. The alternate ending was directors first choice and unfortunately due to the negative responses he shoots another one which is the original theatrical ending. There are many plot holes in the original ending like the dark seekers intentions and mean process not revealing the actual theme. After the release of alternate ending in home media, the entire plot changes with a crystal clear motivation of why dark seekers attacking Robert. Overall, the original ending was a pure mess and so I recommend this alternate version.

Verdict : Good


Francis Lawrence


Will Smith, Alice Braga & Dash Mihok







Run Time:

101 min