Wadjda 2012

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Wadjda is a young girl leaves in Saudi Arabia and she is fond of bicycles, thanks to neighborhood boy, Abdullah. But Wadjda's mother won't allow it and claims girls are not allowed to ride bicycles. Now the only option in front of her is to win first prize in the upcoming Quran recitation competition.


The official Saudi Arabian entry for Best Foreign Language Film at Oscars. This is the first film to fully shot in Saudi Arabia and another interesting fact about the movie is Haifaa Al Mansour becomes the country's first female director. She struggles a lot to shoot this movie and the limitations of women talking with men's in public force her to talk in walkie-talkies with the crew. In the end all the hard work pays off and the result is a good movie to watch for any type audiences. More than a coming-of-age movie, it shows the gender inequality that women face in every corner of the world.  Overall, The simplicity of the story and the motivation, it delivers is enough to watch this wonderful movie.

Verdict : Good


Haifaa al-Mansour


Waad Mohammed, Reem Abdullah & Abdulrahman al-Guhani




Saudi Arabia



Run Time:

98 min