Dunkirk 2017

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It tells the story of the Dunkirk evacuation on the beaches of France during World War II. The Nazis drive the British and French soldiers to the sea and they all are waiting for the evacuation by the authorities. The main aim of this Operation was to rescue 300,000 British soldiers.


Once again Nolan is back with another time cycle principle. There are three different time periods as The Mole(One Week), The Sea(One Day) and The Air(One Hour). The three time cycles keep coming together and don't get confused with it. It's not that complicated,  just understand the basic idea. Right from the start, Dunkirk holds the tension factor tightly and the Interstellar cinematographer captures the striking visuals beautifully. The dialogues were less and the fear in the eyes of the cast talks the rest. The talented actors like Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh were lightly used in the movie. Hans Zimmer's score can be easily considered as a prime factor of the movie, especially the intense ticking clock sound. Overall, it's a must watch if you like war movies and one of the best war movie of recent times.

Verdict : Great


Christopher Nolan


Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance & Tom Hardy







Run Time:

106 min