Una noche 2012

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Two friends Elio and Raul are planning to flee to Miami. Elio stores the important things needed for their journey and Raul already made up his mind about leaving Havana, now it's up to Elio to leave behind his twin sister Lila and family. Furthermore Raul is accused of assaulting a tourist and Havana police is looking for him.


Mulloy's storytelling and her characters draw you into the Cuban culture and the people's day to day life. She spent years in Havana to study the heart of the Cuban people to make the story looks real and while doing her homework she finds the lead actors from the street. It won many awards in the festivals and everyone likes it due to the thrill factor of the third act. Overall, it's a simple movie about three characters and the eager of what happens next to their actions keeps you attached to the story.

Verdict : Good


Lucy Mulloy


Dariel Arrechada, Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre & Javier Nuñez Florián


Drama, Thriller





Run Time:

90 min