Machan 2008

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Based on a real life incident of 2004, it tells the story of a group of unemployed men in Sri Lanka and their attempt to participate in an international handball tournament held in Germany. Their main intention is to get a job in Germany and send money to their families.


First of all, it's a hilarious story which is told in a fictional way. The realistic comedies that come along the script were pure and simple. Each character has a clear motivation to do such kind of stupidity while showing the struggling life of Colombo city. It puts forward some genuine Sri Lankan crises of mothers leaving their kids behind to work in abroad which is the only option for their family to survive in that environment. Also the emotions of people in slums and how they manage to meet their daily ends were perfectly shown by Pasolini. Overall, if you are looking for an out of the box kind of movie, then do watch this incredible movie.

Verdict : Great


Uberto Pasolini


Dharmapriya Dias, Gihan De Chickera, Darshan Dharmaraj, Namal Jayasinghe, Sujeewa Priyalal & Mahendra Perera




Sri Lanka



Run Time:

105 min