The Gods Must Be Crazy 1980

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San tribe bushmen lifestyle changes when Xi discovers a glass Coca-Cola bottle which is dropped from a plane. They think it's a gift from God and used as a new object to ease their work. Sadly, it brings greed and jealously to the tribe. Xi decides to throw this object to the end of the world.


A hilarious journey with Xi to convey an environmental message. N!xau who portraits the bushman Xi was the true gem of the movie and his childish behavior to everything happening around him will definitely grasp your attention. The tranquility of African landscape was beautifully captured and it helps to show the innocent life of San tribe more generous. It was a box office record breaker and a game changer in the history of the South African's film industry. Overall, it's a fun ride and if you like satirical films like Airplane(1980) ,then it's worth your time.

Verdict : Good


Jamie Uys


N!xau, Sandra Prinsloo, Marius Weyers, Nic De Jager & Michael Thys




South Africa



Run Time:

109 min