Under the Bombs 2007

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Zeina, a young mother arrives in Lebanon and looks for a taxi to take her to the South of Lebanon. Nobody is willing to go out there after the war broke out, except Tony. He needs money and agrees to Zeina on a dangerous road trip to the South.


The film was shot right after the war, which makes the movie more deadly than it actually looks. The collapsed buildings and broken roads shown in the movie were the outcomes of the real war. There is an undefined bond between the taxi driver and the woman. Both lead actors did a fine job in the acting department and I like their physique more than their performances. Director, Philippe Aractingi crafts an exceptional anti-war film that shows the emotional side of two people who were affected by the war chaos. It has a conventional narrative style and I don't know why director includes a sex scene in the middle portion of the movie. Overall, it's an honest film about two characters who met under an unusual circumstance.

Verdict : Good


Philippe Aractingi


Nada Abou Farhat & Georges Khabbaz


Drama, Thriller





Run Time:

90 min