A Separation 2011

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The story opens with a divorce hearing of a couple who may not have any valid reason for the separation. Simin, a middle-class woman wants to leave Iran for a better future for her daughter. Unfortunately, Simin's husband decides to stay and look after his Alzheimer suffering father.


An astonishingly gripping movie that tells the story of a couple's sinking marriage life. Most of the people thinks what's new about this plot, the thing is that Farhadi expands the plot into an inside vision of the day to day life of Iranian peoples and their strong religious beliefs. His characters have their own reasons to do stuff, even though some are not right from others point of view. Farhadi's daughter plays an important role in this mystery-drama movie. Most of the critics say this is the best Iranian movie ever made and for me that's true. The most important thing about this film is every single detail were well thought without any background score. Overall, it's a brilliant movie that relies on the realistic performances from the lead actors and it's a must watch for all movie lovers.

Verdict : Brilliant


Asghar Farhadi


Leila Hatami, Peyman Moaadi, Shahab Hosseini, Sareh Bayat & Sarina Farhadi







Run Time:

123 min