Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru 2016

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The film opens with a mysterious guy stepping out of a car and enters into a house. Retired cop Deepak recalls his unsolved murder case and started to share case experience to his friend's son, whose ambition is to become an IPS officer.


The best thing about an investigation movie is to force audience to keep guessing throughout, in that sense it really works. The film has some twists that were left open to viewers and it's hard to call it loop holes, let's assume those scenes are self explanatory. Karthick Naren's first priority was Arvind Swamy, unfortunately he can't get through to him. Rahman was one of the best thing that happened in the movie and Without him it might have been a film with a brilliant script. Rahman was effective as a police officer and the realistic way of police officers talk was also good to see. With the help of lights and equipments cinematographer Sujith Sarang gives the feeling of a beautiful crime investigation movie. The director, Karthick Naren a 21 year old crafts an investigation movie that grabs you from the first scene onwards and his dedication level was evident in each scene. Overall, nothing to say more about this movie, just go and watch it.

Verdict : Great


Karthick Naren


Rahman, Ashwin Kumar, Karthikeyan, Prakash Raghavan, Praveen & Sharath Kumar







Run Time:

105 min